Benediction is well known on the Auckland café scene, but like most New Zealand cafés it suffered from excessive reverberation due to hard surfaces. Noise generation from equipment, staff and patrons caused the noise levels to soar.

Voices were then raised to compensate and the noise levels continued to escalate. This crescendo of noise started to impact on speech intelligibility making it very difficult to hear, let alone understand what was being said.

The brief was to reduce reverberation on the first floor level to enhance speech intelligibility and patron comfort. Absorption of sound flanking from the lower counter area was also a key consideration.

Four sound absorbing elements were used creating a decorative, practical and functional design. They include a decorative / acoustic feature panel, suspended ceiling clouds, a micro-perforated acoustic baffle balustrade and soft acoustic panels.

The table tops were also replaced with 13mm compact laminate, which was primed, printed with Benediction’s logo and coated with polyurethane. Being UV stable the tables can also be used outside.

With tests showing an average sound reduction of 9.04dB (almost half of the original sound level) post fitout, GDK’s custom acoustic products have delivered a softer and quieter experience for customers.

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