Location (City/State/Country)

Australia – nationally 

Project Value (Currency/Amount)



Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Products and Services Provided

Customised joinery and acoustic solutions

Project Duration

5+ years

Brief on the Project

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is Australia’s largest bank, and as such demands the very best in its property portfolio to enhance its customers’ experience. CBA has continually chosen GDK to deliver its market leading procurement solutions for its entire national branch network (over 1200 branches nationally) and office fit-out programmes. GDK delivers CBA the benefits of:

  1. Proto-type to manufacture of workable units delivered and installed to site in under 2 weeks
  2. Full traceability of its bulk procured products throughout the manufacturing, delivery and installation process
  3. National delivery and installation by GDK delivery fleet and installers nationally

Through its joinery, furniture and acoustic procurement programme with GDK, CBA is able to guarantee the best supply of product and service, to allow it to focus on delivering the best experience for its customers and staff. 

If you have a requirement for a rollout programme, contact the GDK team to discuss how we can create a procurement solution that is backed by a national and international support network, with delivery and installation capabilities throughout Australasia.

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