About Imprint Acoustics

About Us

 As the leading panel manufacturer in Australia, Imprint Acoustics is backed by the reputation and expertise of The GDK Group. Manufacturing from Sydney, Australia for over 30 years, GDK employs over 100 staff globally, from highly skilled & experienced tradesman and operators at is Australian manufacturing facility, to its fully staffed Sales, Support & Trade offices throughout the South East Asian & Oceania Region.

With its products being used repeatedly
on the largest and most prestigious construction projects internationally, Imprint Acoustics products widespread use speaks volumes to its quality and durability.

Partnering and collaborating with Imprint Acoustics ensures that the highest quality and design potential is surpassed on every project you engage with us.

Commitment to Sustainability

As supporters of FSC™, it is our commitment and duty to play a part in the sustainable future of acoustic solutions for the built environment.

As a brand and division of The GDK Group, Imprint Acoustics has continually worked with key stakeholders to identify areas of focus for our approach to sustainability and some potential solutions to the challenges they pose.

Our sustainability initiative aims to continually explore new avenues for sustainable solutions in acoustics, and educate the public on these developments. We believe that a sustainable future for the built environment should be tackled via a holistic approach. Some of the initiatives have already been implemented, and others will require further research and planning prior to implementation.

We recognise that sustainable development presents long-term problems, and there is much to be improved upon and discovered. We strive to find ways to improve upon our contribution to more social and environmental responsibility.

This agenda has been developed through an understanding of the need for environmental stewardship and responsibility. As the criteria for environmental regulations such as those of green Star and LEED programs progress, we will continue the ongoing discussion of how we can best meet the challenges of sustainable development.

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How we operate

The GDK Group fully complies with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and AS/NZS 4801:2001 and is certified by BSI.  These standards reflect excellence in business quality, values and performance.  BSI is the world's leading ISO certifier. 

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Stakeholder Commitment

Imprint Acoustics prides itself on
 our relationships with our stakeholders. Understanding and exceeding their expectations is crucial to our success. As The GDK Group has done for the past 30 years,
 it is our goal to continue to earn the trust
and respect of all our stakeholders. Through our engagement within the building and architecture industries we will more intuitively understand our clients needs, be able to make better business decisions, and identify areas where we can improve upon our product
and processes to achieve a more sustainable, environmentally responsible and accessible product.

Our stakeholders

  • Architecture industry

  • Building/construction industry 
  • Client, project owner
End users of the project space
  • The GDK Group

We know that our clients and stakeholders value a proactive approach to both sustainable development for our products and business practices. Apparent issues for our industry facing our stakeholders/clients are:

  • A demand increase for higher indoor environment quality (IEQ) standards
  • Demand increase for green Star projects and ultimately demand increase for products that contribute to green Star certification
  • Demand increase for holistically sustainable products.

Manufacturing Capability

Our 8,000sqm production facility in Sydney, NSW, uses the most advanced machinery and processes, overseen by highly skilled tradesman & staff to produce your products to the highest standards. Using the latest in European technology, and processes cultivated by years of training and knowledge by our skilled tradesman, you can be guaranteed as to the quality of your finished product.


All of our product shipments are sent via our designated logistics operators, which are fully track-able online. At time of shipment, the consignment notice number will be sent to you, enabling you to track your delivery from the time it leaves our facilities.

What we believe in

We believe in sustainability and in protecting our environment. We hold certifications from FSC and PEFC and we expect the same of our suppliers.