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Can Imprint customise according to client’s specifications? Will it affect the price and date of delivery?

We most certainly can. Our motto is ‘Out Build. Out Innovate. Out Create.’ Offering customisation services is one of our core competencies and specialties. Each customised project is individually quoted and commissioned. Standard lead times for Customised products is at a market leading 4weeks, however, if the concept is extremely specialised, GDK will advise on the new lead times.

Aside from architectural acoustics, does Imprint have products for professional audio requirements such as recording studios, movie theatres, home theatres?

All Imprint Acoustic products can be used for both architectural requirements and professional audio environments. Each product has been independently certified which verification of its ability to acoustic mitigate sounds at different frequencies. Imprint’s range of products as individual pieces or different products that perform better at different frequencies combined will enhance all professional audio requirements.

Does Imprint provides technical assistance like providing acoustic assessment on client’s request?

Imprint works with market leading Acoustic Engineers every day of the week. Where a project requires specialty acoustic consultation, Imprint can engage as an additional service the services of the best acoustic engineers in the region.

What are the materials are used in Imprint Acoustic Products? How does it compare with the cheaper mineral wool and polyurethane foams which are more commonly used in acoustic treatment?

Imprint only uses 100% sustainably sourced and minimum E0 natural timber substrates; Substrates that posses naturally occurring acoustic properties. Compared to the cheaper alternatives, Imprint’s timber based substrates are superior in terms of durability, strength, acoustic performance, hygiene, health and aesthetics.

How does GDK balance the important aspects of functionality and aesthetics which is the bane of acousticians, interior designers and architects?

By providing a range of acoustic products that are available in numerous aesthetically enhanced and pleasing finishes, that marry the very best in acoustic performance. With stakeholder engagement and commitment key to our product philosophy, Imprint Acoustic products provide the very best market solutions for all project stakeholders.

Can it be installed with minimum site preparation? What about the ease of installation?

Prevention is better than reaction. Mitigating site variables and costs is key to delivering projects successfully with the minimum of hassle for all project stakeholders. Imprint Acoustic products come fully prepared ready for simple, effective and fast site installation. With 30+years experience across Project Site & manufacturing works, GDK’s philosophy is to deliver products in the most efficient and profitable way possible for its customers.

Do your products conform with international building, environmental and fire codes?

All Imprint Acoustic products are independently certified by regionally recognised leading Testing Authorities and firms. Certificates and performance data is freely shared and warranted across Imprint’s entire Acoustic range, including full environmental certification for all substrates & finishes. Our products conformity is aligned with the highest ISO standards globally.

How do you maintain and clean Acoustic Panels?

Clean using soft cloths, vacuum whilst dusting or using a low toxicity and reactive cleaning agent. High reactive cleaning agents should not be used under any circumstances.

As I have seen from the brochures, GDK panels look impressive on contemporary building designs giving it a modernistic appeal. Do you have panels for Asian, Greco-Roman, Baroque (churches), American Colonial and Mediterranean themes?

All products can be easily customised and manufactured to create bespoke looks and feels for each and every design requirement. Coupled with the multitude of finishes available, any theme can be replicated and produced.

How does it address the acoustic problems associated with modern glass buildings?

Despite the contemporary look, feel & design appeal, modern glass buildings can be an acoustic nightmare. Fortunately, architects and designers can choose from Imprint’s diverse range of Acoustic Products to be used in adjacent ceilings, opposite walls & acoustic panels incorporated in surrounding furniture to mitigate excessive noise attributable to the hard glass services, whilst maintaing the distinctly modern and appealing glass aesthetic.

Can your products assist in mitigating noises coming from air vents, ducts, air-conditioning systems?

All Imprint Acoustic products perform to help reduce and control noise regardless of their source or frequency. This greatly aids in enhancing the Indoor Environmental Quality wherever Imprint Acoustic products are used.

We are always reminded that the noise in our office causes distraction in adjoining offices. Can Imprint Acoustic’s products help?

By using Imprint Acoustics’ products you reduce the level of reverberation, and thus assist in reducing mitigating the noise energy that can travel into different offices.

How can Imprint Acoustics improve speech intelligibility in open air settings such as terminals, stations, airports, al-fresco cafes and restaurants?

One of the ways speech intelligibility occurs is due to excessive reverberation of noise energy from the different sources within that environment such as people, HVC, vehicles, commercial stores and the like. Using the most appropriate Imprint Acoustic product to eliminate those reverberations will improve speech intelligibility dramatically. For a detailed case study with empirical data and measurement reading, refer to GDK’s Benediction Case Study.

How can our company improve our acoustics to prevent casual listeners from eavesdropping on our conversations?

Noise is a form of energy. The stronger the energy, the louder it is, and the further it travels. Imprint Acoustic’s products assist in reducing the power of this noise energy (the reverberation) and thus assist in preventing eavesdropping.

Our auditorium can accommodate 500 students, multiply the sound of individual conversations with that number and you get a fairly good idea of the ambient noises they create. How do you reduce those noises without sacrificing speech intelligibility?

By reducing the energy associated with each of those students. Imprint’s experience has shown that proper installation of Imprint Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panels reduces the ambient noise of the students whilst enhancing the intelligibility of the speaker.

Open air settings exposes the panels to the elements. Can it tolerate or withstand exposure to air pollutants, dust and sunlight? Does the additional UV coating entails additional cost?

No Imprint Acoustic panel should be directly exposed to climatic conditions. Where exposure to such elements will occur, Imprint is able to manufacture customised products for those particular climatic requirements.

Can your products be installed in heavily industrialised areas where the degree of air pollution and heat is high or in coastal areas where salinity & humidity in the air is a concern?

In such areas moisture resistance of the base substrate is paramount to ensuring product integrity; All Imprint Acoustic products are manufactured with Moisture Resistant E0 MDF for all our panels, whilst HMR (High Moisture Resistant) MDF panels are also available for use when required and specified.

Do Imprint Acoustic products absorb the noise produced by telephones, printers and conversations in commercial office spaces?

Definitely. This is one of Imprint Acoustic’s core product features and performance characteristics.