We believe and know our products are some of the best in the world, but what sets Imprint Acoustic’s products apart are the standard services behind, with and always associated alongside all of our standard products. Some of these services include:

  • CAD drawings and details for each product
  • Up to date and current certified acoustic performance from industry leading Acoustic engineers and facilities
  • Worldwide warranty across all products
  • Global product servicing and technical assistance
  • Order tracking and project referencing for when you need to reference previous products used for future projects

Custom Acoustics

When a project demands a superior level of acoustic design & performance that goes beyond standard product offerings, Imprint Acoustics’ Custom Acoustic Solutions are in a league of their own. With full product and project lifecycle collaboration and support that commences from the design phase right up to after-care service and support, Imprint Acoustics provides a global on the ground collaborative and support network to ensure the success of each and every single project.



Imprint’s points of difference lie in our engagement with our stakeholders as true partners, assisting to create the optimal solution for each and every custom acoustic project Imprint are engaged on.

Our standard services as part of our engagement as your Custom Acoustic Provider include:

Product design & consultation
  • Sit down and help turn your concept and design into an acoustic reality. We will go through all the different variables: construction & finishing of the product, its acoustics performance, look & feel, CAD Drawings etc
Acoustic Product Certification & Performance

  • To ensure the optimal performance of your custom acoustic design, we team up with WGE to provide detailed acoustic reports and grading for each and every panel, providing all project stakeholders the certainty they need in the acoustic performance of their facility
Dedicated Project Management contact and representative
  • To ensure project success & effective stakeholder communication, all custom projects will have a dedicated contact team member. This team member will provide you with a firm contact anchor throughout the project lifecycle, a contact who will be with you at your design studio, our offices & plants and on the project site.
Detailed and thorough installation methodology & advise
  •  Custom products require custom solutions, and to perform at optimal levels all products must be installed properly. That is why all custom products come with Installation video manuals and guides to ensure consistency in product installation, regardless of project location and installation resources.
Clear & defined manufacturing lead times and transparency
  • Clear and effective communication between partners is key. This is why you will be kept abreast of the project’s performance throughout every step of the product life-cycle, and should you wish to check on the performance of the process, site visits to our manufacturing facilities can be arranged.
Traceable & defined logistics services
  • To ensure timely, accurate and fully visible product logistics from Imprint’s factories to the project site.
After-care servicing and training
  • Operating guides and manuals are provided as standard to ensure easy and accessible reference to each products characteristics and performance.

Project & design cataloguing
  • Your custom design will enhance the built environment both aesthetically & acoustically. So when additional runs of your design need to be created due to additional requirements for future builds, replacements, or you want to incorporate the same design or reference the design to future projects, project data and information will be kept at Imprint for just that purpose. Secure, accessible & 100% confidential storage of your design & product parameters. 

Going beyond our standard services:

When even greater detail & servicing is required, IMPRINT will always go the distance. When the most detailed projects require that next level of attention, IMPRINT are able to provide additional services including:

Advance supply chain management – Acoustic & Product based

When long project lead times are involved or when material selection & choice is scarce or difficult to procure through ordinary channels, Imprint leverages off the global supply chain prowess of its parent company. Utilising GDK’s global staffed offices and procurement capabilities, project material considerations are dealt with and secured effectively, timely and consistently.

With the majority of acoustic designs being incorporated into the very interior design fabric of projects, it is in the majority of cases that the finishing of the acoustic panels sets the tone and precedent for the material finishes of other architectural and structural design components of the project. With this in mind, through it supply chain capabilities, Imprint can provide the other project stakeholders access to the same material finishes set by your Acoustic products that then need to be incorporated into other design elements of the project. 

The benefits of this include:

  • Consistent colouring, shading & bookmarking of veneers
  • Consistent tonality and colouring of painted, materialised and custom finishesGuaranteed material supply and deliverables to suit expedited timeframes and overcome regional and local supply constraints and deliverables
  • Project check-measure solutions
  • Where local resources require partial or full assistance through the check-measuring process, Imprint can provide its own staff to undertake accurate, detailed and timely check-measures to ensure & maintain project deliverables and product output accuracy & quality.
Site technical supervision & training
  • In addition to Imprint’s standard installation methodology advise and manuals, where project needs require, Imprint can provide site technical supervision for local third party installers. Furthermore, when the most efficient project deliverables are those that require large 3rd party installation teams to receive full on site training, Imprint can provide all necessary training for these scenarios as well.
Site installation options – Preferred partners & self installation
  • When only the very best in product installation will do, Imprint’s association with its parent company The GDK Group, allows it to provide you access to GDK’s own site resource teams. Whether the resources you choose be GDK’s local and regional recommended installation partners, or GDK’s own installation teams, you can be assured as to the superior level of installation finishing & professionalism throughout the entire installation process.